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Re: [PHP] Standard placement of PHP libraries?

On 2 Sep 2002, Ian Zimmerman wrote:

> Matthew> I would like to propose /usr/share/php4 as the place for all
> Matthew> scripts intended to run under php4 (whatever subversion) and
> Matthew> intended for inclusion in other PHP scripts.  
> I agree, but let's not forget about php3.

I have no recent experience with php3; I don't use it any more, I've
upgraded everything I've got.  Since it is possible to have both php3 and
php4 on a system at once, making a /usr/share/php and putting both 3&4
scripts in there would be a Bad Idea (IMO).  If you believe there is still
enough life in php3 (there may be, I don't know) then I think that, by
analogy, a /usr/share/php3 directory, with a similar purpose, would be

Or, alternately, we could go with a more Perl-like system -
/usr/share/php/{version}.  {version} would be either 3 or 4, and then we
could easily go into subversions if there was any sense in it.  Since PHP
packages are only available in major versions (unlike Perl, which is
packaged as (eg) perl5.6) I don't think that /usr/share/php/4.1.2 is really
feasible.  If your PHP library needs a particular version of PHP, you just
make a versioned depends on whatever the minimum version of php4 is that you

Matthew Palmer, Debian Developer
mpalmer@debian.org     http://www.debian.org

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