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"Recompile with libc6 from testing" <-- doesn't help i think!

The privoxy changelog says:

  * Recompile with libc6 from testing (instead of unstable).

I guess this was to get it into testing faster.
the buildd will not for other archs with the old libc6 i think.
So this will not help.

Please don't do "Recompile with libc6 from testing"...

Testing isn't too useful while we are not heading for a freeze, so IMHO
it's "stay at stable or dare unstable" time...

Maybe we should think about this idea that was in the vote concepts.
I think it was in Raphaels...
Where maintainer can flag their versions "considered stable", and "pull"
them into a "staging" distribution.
I'm not sure if this could help here though.

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