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Bug#160005: ITP: snare -- SNARE graphical user interface

> Hi Michelle!

Hi, Bas.  :)

> >   Description     : SNARE graphical user interface
> What does it do?

snare is the graphical user interface to SNARE* system, a host intrusion analysis system and C2 style auditing, being divided into two components:

* snare-core - the SNARE audit kernel module and the audit daemon
  Gleydson Mazioli <gleydson@debian.org> is packaging this component.

* snare - SNARE graphical user interface
  And I would like to package the snare, sponsored by Gleydson

Both components are open source, and are licenced under the GNU Public Licence.

* System iNtrusion Analysis & Reporting Environment

Please, let me know if still remain any doubt. :)

Michelle Ribeiro

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