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Are you breaking the law?

Are you breaking the law?

Many UK businesses are not fully aware of their legal obligations regarding fire safety in the workplace.

Under the Management of Health & Safety Regulations 1999 - Regulation 3, it is an offence for any company not to carry out a written 'Fire Risk Assessment'. By not complying with this regulation you risk invalidating your insurance as well prosecution. Legal action can be taken against any infringement of these regulations and could result in 6 months in prison / or a £2000 fine. (per infringement) This action would be taken directly against the person in the company accountable for fire safety i.e. Managing Director / Owner or Line Manager.

*These new regulations place the duty for compliance directly with the employer*

Do not despair!
In conjunction with 'The Fire Protection Association', we are running a series of  one day seminars designed to address employer's questions on the legal requirements for assessing the risk to life from fire in the workplace, and give an overview of risk assessment methods. The seminar will address and offer guidance on:-

·	UK fire safety legislation
·	Fire risk assessment methods
·	Practical application of fire risk assessment in the workplace

Book Now! £285 + VAT
We have a limited number of spaces available - so book Now!

Location		Date				Venue

Birmingham		26th September 02 	Aston Villa FC
Glasgow		8th October 02		Glasgow Rangers FC
Manchester		17th October 02		Old Trafford
London		29th October 02		Twickenham RFU

Call 01483 719420 to reserve your place.

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