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Re: [ardour-dev] ardour

Le mer 11/09/2002 à 22:10, Paul Davis a écrit :

> >Debian users don't have to compile things. This is the maintainer's
> but they *do* compile things. and when they compile and link a C++
> application, things can go seriously wrong without them having any
> understanding of why. the program just works "badly".

Debian ships a default C++ compiler which is the same that was used to
build the provided libraries, except during transitions (and stable
users don't see those transitions).
Users building applications with another compiler should really know
what they are doing.

> >work, helped by the autobuilders. Moreover, the build dependencies can
> >guarantee you the package will build fine if you try at home.
> !!NO THEY DO NOT!! why can people not understand this? there is no

Why can't people understand that linking to a static library is BAD ?

> dependency system for linux in existence that can check this. its not
> a matter of checking which version of a library is installed, or which
> version of a compiler. its a matter of checking:
> 	a) which compiler a C++ library was compiled with
> 	b) which compiler flags were used

Using a strict policy can almost guarantee this. Why do you think people
have been thinking for months about a suitable transition plan for G++
3.2 ? You are not alone in the world, and hundreds of other C++ software
have exactly the same issues. Why do you think appropriate solutions for
these programs are not suitable for yours ?

Such specious arguments will never justify an exception for ardour.

> i don't know, and nobody that i have spoken to knows, of any way to do
> this. without it, "building at home" is subject to the kind of bizarre
> breakage we saw with ardour for a year or more.

What we are speaking of here is building a Debian package, with a
maintainer. Users don't build the package, the maintainer and the
autobuilders do. The maintainer ensures that the package is built with
the compiler that was already used to build the libraries it depends on.
All of this guarantees the program will work, and with *dynamic*
libraries, while the user never has to build the software. If the user
doesn't build the software himself, all the issues you describe will
never appear.

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