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Re: [RFD] optimized versions of openssl

On 09/04/2002 08:12:50 AM Christoph Martin wrote:
>> etc. This has the benefit that it works on every i386 compatible
>> processor but it is slow on processors where there could be a lot of
>> optimisation.

Oh not this thread again!
Processor specific optimizations for i386 is debated approx every 2 months
on debian-devel, plus or minus other distributions PR campaigns.

>> Do we have a general opinion or policy on optimized library versions?

I think I can safely speak for everyone on debian-devel as per this:

1) The difference in overall speed is small, and rarely publically
The 1% gain is individually considered either vital must-have, or
2) The archive disk space required expands.
This is individually considered either intolerably huge or not worth
3) In a question of "good taste" like this, one developer can't force
another developer to either do this or not do this.
If you want to do this, no one can stop you.

>> Do we have modells for this?

The kernel-image packages.

>> What do you think?

This eternal flamewar is located somewhere in:
http://lists.debian.org archives

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