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Bug#159606: general: Gnome packaging crash prone, Xsession.

> The maintainers of some display managers have found it prudent to ignore
> the mechanisms I have put in place to ensure a consistent experience
> regardless of whether the user starts his X session with startx, xdm,
> gdm, etc.

Well, if you select "Xsession" in gdm in the "Session" menu, it runs
Xsession... And asks if you want to make this Default...

> $HOME/.xsession-errors

If you use the gnome login it uses $HOME/.gnome-errors

> If it doesn't leave them there, it's buggy.

It does, if you choose Xsession.

> In my opinion, gdm's session type should default to using
> /etc/X11/Xsession.

As gdm ist the Gnome Login Manager, i think sticking with upstream and
using "Gnome" as default is better.

> Please direct further inquiries to debian-user@lists.debian.org.

Good reply ;)


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