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Re: Bug#160516: ITP: masqdialer -- daemon for controlling shared dialup links

This one time, at band camp, Oliver Kurth wrote:
>On Thu, Sep 12, 2002 at 12:04:44AM +1000, Jamie Wilkinson wrote:
>> Package: wnpp
>> Version: unavailable; reported 2002-09-11
>> Severity: wishlist
>> * Package name    : masqdialer
>>   Version         : 0.5.5
>>   Upstream Author : Charles P. Wright <cpwright@cpwright.com>
>> * URL             : http://w3.cpwright.com/mserver/
>> * License         : GPL
>>   Description     : daemon for controlling shared dialup links
>> The masqdialer system is designed to provide easily accessible control of
>> multiple dialout modem connections to the members of a LAN using IP
>> Masquerade for their internet connectivity.
>> The system is a client/server design, so as long as a client can be written
>> for a particular platform, that platform can take advantage of masqdialer's
>> offerings. The masqdialer daemon runs on the linux machine, and upon an
>> authorized client request, carries out the user's request.
>> This is a repackage of the masqdialer package that existed in slink, which
>> has since been removed from the archive.  The upstream author has announced
>> that he hasn't got the time to work on this software, but I'm interested in
>> keeping it running on my network at home.
>Cool. Do you intend to package a client as well? I use gmasqdialer, which has
>dissappeared as well. Otherwise I consider to (re)package that.

I'll be using the gnome one, yeah, so I'll package it too.

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