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Bug#159574: general: Policy, Dependancy, Conflics - breaches - many

On Wed, Sep 04, 2002 at 02:46:19AM -0400, John D. Hendrickson wrote:
> DEBIAN BUG:  Many packages have dependacies that don't actually exist.

Only in contrib/non-free. Anything else should be reported against the
packages in question.

> DEBIAN BUG:  Many packages have 'conflicts' that don't actually exist.
> 	There are WAY to many example.  "gdm and xdm conflict":  Thats
> 	complete bull.  I use both.  They don't conflict.  They don't
> 	even need to use "alternatives" because they don't use the same 
> 	resources.

What distribution are you using? potato, I suspect. They don't conflict
in woody.

> 	"xpaint and xfree86 conflict".  If you install the classic "xpaint" 
> 	then you have to remove X.  That's so brain damaged it has to be 
> 	criminal in origin.  Infact: force install xpaint without the
> 	"required" lib: you'll find it works great, the marking is bull.

What? xpaint doesn't conflict with anything.

> 	If I uninstall "exim" - "cron" is selected for removal EVEN
> 	THOUGH I've selected otherwise.  Obviously - cron doesn't need
> 	a mailer - but the system needs cron.  What kind of idiot marked
> 	that package?  Fact is: cron runs its service - mailer or no.

cron only Recommends: exim, and dselect 1.10 in testing/unstable doesn't
force you to install recommendations. Earlier versions did.

> DEBIAN BUG:  Many packages break when "removed".  Reinstalling does not
> correct.  Reconfigure does not correct.

It would be productive to file bugs against those packages.

> DEBIAN BUG:  Many packages are marked as using libraries that they don't
> actually use - causeing extraneous dependancies and conflicts.


Filing this against general might be a good way to complain loudly, but
I'm not sure it's actually a good way to get things fixed. :) Upgrade to
a modern version of Debian first, though.

Colin Watson                                  [cjwatson@flatline.org.uk]

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