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Bug#159823: RFA: tcl8.0, tcl8.2, tcl8.3, tk8.0, tk8.2, tk8.3

Package: wnpp
Priority: important

I have recently decided that I do not have the time to devote the proper
attention to the Tcl and Tk packages. Therefore, I am looking to pass them
on to someone who can give them the proper care.

There are a number of bugs open, some minor, some not so much so. Upstream
is reasonably responsive (done through sourceforge now with all the bug-
tracking and whatnot that implies).

I'm being particularly picky here, so I'd like anyone interested to give me
an idea of how they intend to pick up where I've dropped the ball on these
before I go ahead and give any go-ahead on taking them over.

I think I still have time for tclreadline and tcllib, but an argument could
be made for the benefits of the same person dealing with these and with the
tcl/tk packages. I leave it at the discretion of the adopter.

Oh, also, I don't really have much chance to read -devel anymore, so make
sure you Cc: either me or this bug # on responses.

Mike Markley <mike@markley.org>
GPG: 0x3B047084 7FC7 0DC0 EF31 DF83 7313  FE2B 77A8 F36A 3B04 7084

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