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Bits from the RNC - Seeking updates for the Release Notes

For those who would like to do proofreading, please see

Rob Bradford wrote:
> And although some fixes have already been submitted and made (thanks!).
> Three areas where corrections would be beneficial would be:
> * Improvements in the clarity of the instructions, particularly now that
> people have used them to upgrade their system. Its difficult to know how
> the upgrade process that was the shifting target that was testing. So
> unforseen issues that might arise in the upgrade and how they can be
> resolved.
> * Last minute changes that make sections incorrect/redundant - this
> occured with ssh-nonfree's removal from the archive.
> * General bugfixes, spelling errors, omissions and general errata. (All
> my fault of course :))
> + Anything else you can think of... =)

Additionally, I'd like to ask you to help document noteworthy changes
in Debian from 2.2 (potato) to 3.0 (woody), which should be included in
our Release Notes.  These could include different behaviour of some
packages as well as non-critical but potentially important bugs in
packages that won't be updated in the point-releases.

  For example, see the note about the Estonian timezone that does not
  reflect reality anymore and needs an update if you are living in
  this particular timezone:


  As an example to changed behaviour of a package see PostgreSQL,
  which is not as lax with its input as it was in the potato release:


Rob Bradford requested that updates be sent to the mailing list
debian-doc@lists.debian.org as well so they don't get lost.



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