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Re: "Recompile with libc6 from testing" <-- doesn't help i think!

On Fri, 2002-09-06 at 19:00, Thomas Schoepf wrote:

> Right, I have compiled alevt on woody, so it Depends: libc6 (>=
> 2.2.4-4). It was uploaded to unstable 20 days ago, still not in testing.

trying: alevt
skipped: alevt (589+1)
    got: 7+0: a-2:a-5
    * arm: alevt

So, it would not be installable on arm. No surprise, the buildd on ARM
built it against libc6 2.2.5-13.

Building with the wrong libc6 wont help at all, unless you do an upload
for every architecture.

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