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announce: xcolorsel-gtk

As my first gtk program, I wrote a replacement for xcolorsel, which I
maintain for Debian.  I didn't really like the original program and
wanted to get rid of it, but I could find nothing that provided
equivalent functionality.  Now that xcolorsel-gtk exists, the original
xcolorsel can be retired, I hope.  I fill file a formal ITO soon.

There are still a few rough edges in the GUI, as can be expected from
a novice.  Gtk experts in the audience are invited to suggest
improvements.  One thing I know about: the text entry control should
get input focus at entry do dialogs.  How?  The path of the rgb.txt
file should probably be selectable at runtime, rather than compiled

Also, a manpage needs to be written, but that will be quite simple for
this kind of program.

It can be found here:


Ian Zimmerman, Oakland, California, U.S.A.
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