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Re: Bug#160284: ITP: po-debconf -- Manage translated Debconf templates files with gettext

Denis Barbier wrote:
> Agree, but some developers have a stronger opinion, and do not merge
> templates.ll files at build time in order not to waste autobuilders
> CPU time, or for other similar very good reasons.

I suspect any such concerns are absolutly bogus. See James Troup's
comments on autobuilder time in the thread on not building with -g to
supposedly save autobuilder time.

> I also asked Joey Hess for such a requirement
>    http://kitenet.net/auto/pipermail/config/2002-February/000259.html
> but he did not want to forbid mixed templates files in source
> packages, don't know if he changed his mind.

If someone wants to do it, it's their funeral.

see shy jo

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