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Re: dselect improvements dueling banjos and ultimate deliverance (was:Re: ITP: portsentry) easy way to tell if "in" package build? emacs 20.4 emacs20: important bug a bug in emacs or a bug in "alternatives"? emacs20: version 20.4 uploadeding enfle 19991020-1 ENOENT (was Re: [PATCH] added --force-* options for conffile handling) Error in upload for urlredir Re: Essential bloat Essential bloat [was: Debian on CDROM] /etc/profile.d Excessive root usage in Debian FHS postinst for multi-binary package using debmake files of blas1-dev and lapack-dev overlap finger interface to Re: First beta version of the Debian SGML/XML HOWTO the freeze The freeze, Nethack, and Y2K compliance Re: [Fwd: Re: basic c thing] gcc-2.95.2 or linux86-0.14.9 problem (maybe) Re: GDB DOES do threads. [was Re: Debian's GDB still can't hand GDB DOES do threads. [was Re: Debian's GDB still can't handle threads!] "general bugs" (Re: Bug#47611: general: qt1g fails to upgrade) g++ linker error glx-base GLX vs Mesa vs OpenGL ------> GNU Pascal <----- GNU Pascal.............. GnuPG problems GTK apps strange problems in potato hamm security updates? hc-cron [Re: anacron/apm issue] Help needed with dependencies (please) Hiring Linux Developers and Specialists in the Bay Area Re: Hosed potato/main/Packages... How about some uniformity in doc names How not to be a nice person (Was: Re: Packages should not Conflict on the basis of duplicate functionality) HOWTO: making a package which compiles fine on slink and potato How to place a new program into tools/ for PowerPC? How to reconfigure a package that uses debconf ? hwtootls/siggy brentrup? i18n document is now under CVS I18N in FVWM 2.4 I18N of USER-* (Re: Default language for system) I am leaving again... Ian Murdock in S.F. Bay area I can't compile xtide on potato. Re: Idea to improve PR If you're interested in Python... IHP: ALE Clone (WarCraft II clone) I like to ask. Important info for packages using DebianDoc-SGML I need some help during ALS Info files not being recognized in.telnetd and virtual hosting Intend to package "node", and amateur radio application. Intention to Donate troll-ftpd 1.25 Intention to NMU MRTG Re: Intent package mule2 and custom-mule Intent package mule2 and custom-mule (Important for emacs (lisp) package maintainers) Intent to create ... Intent to give away: gradio, troffcvt Intent to give away or REMOVE: tkstep [Intent to Kill Package] sdc Intent to NMU: wmaker Intent to package: gman intent to package gnome-pilot Intent to package jwhois Intent to package: kaname12font Re: Intent to package: lame Intent to package: lame, w3m Intent to package: mktclapp Intent to package "mu" Intent to package "mu-cite" (Was: Intent to package "mu") Intent to Package: ngrep intent to package portsentry intent to package 'squidguard-1.1.0' Intent to package: stone, stone-ssl intent to package troll-ftpd 1.24 Intent to package: xfonts-kaname (Intent to package: kaname12font) Intent to package "yc-el" Intent to re-adopt GFTP INTM: netfilter IPT lirc 0.6.0 Is it safe to update perl? [ISSUE] No support for shadow groups, yet we perpetrate to have it Is the GPL free? Is this a bug in grep, or is it me... Re: Is XEmacs nonfree? ITA: aboot ITA: diablo ITA: fileutils ITP: actx ITP: adacgi ITP: alsadriver-current ITP: ami ITP: Bonnie++ ITP: buglist? ITP: Bull EJB ITP: cdr ITP: delegate ITP: dhisd ITP: Domain Name Relay Daemon ITP: glade-perl ITP gnome-users guide in italian ITP : gps ITP: ibm-jdk1.1-installer ITP instmon Re: ITP instmon - nevermind ITP: iodbc and myodbc itp: ivl (icarus verilog) ITP: jakarta/tomcat ITP:jfbterm/me ITP: jnethack ITP: libgsi (General Sound Interface) ITP: libstatistics-descriptive-perl ITP: libxml-grove-perl and libxml-twig-perl ITP: Linux Administrator's Security Guide ITP lp_solve ITP: lukemftp, (possibly) libedit ITP: lwm ITP: mcl ITP: mmixware ITP: nco - netCDF Operators (non-free) ITP: netfilter ITP: NIST (DVD Player) ITP : Pan - Gnome News reader ITP: portsentry Re: ITP: portsentry (not any more) ITP: proj - conversion utilities for geographic projections ITP: pyorbit, Python bindings for ORBit ITP: python-mysql itp: qsstv ITP: qvwm and qvbanner ITP: Re: Must hand off XEmacs21 project! ITP/RFP: libsigc++ (as libsigcpp)... ITP rio ITP: rtf2latex (was: Package giveaway, will sponsor if necessary.) ITP: Sawmill (and friends) ITP: screem ITP: sscan ITP: surf ITP: t-code ITP: unixodbc [ITP] vile: VI Like Emacs - vi work-alike ITP: w3m-ssl ITP: wmitime ITP: xfonts-baekmuk Re: ITR: intent to rename poc to objc ITW/P: freecati The last update was on 19:51 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 2321 messages. Page 2 of 5.

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