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Re: Debian recommended software

* "Edward" == Edward Betts <edward@debian.org> wrote:

Edward> MDA: procmail
Edward> This is standard priority, but exim is not configured to use it, people have
Edward> to mess with .forward files.

exim has its own filter facility, that is easier to understand and use 
by new users.

Edward> list server: smartlist
Edward> Needs modifications to exim.conf found on the www.exim.org homepage to
Edward> function well.

I use smartlist myself, but I heard others (like mailman) are
better. The Exim list uses mailman IIRC.

Edward> ftp server: proftp/wuftp
Edward> what is the difference? proftp has security holes,

had not has. Or are you aware of any open ones?

Edward> web server: apache

It is the most used one. One could argue if this is the best one for

Edward> Do the task-* packages go some way to solving this problem?

At least partly. I made the explicit request not to include all
editors available, but only one, when an editor should be part of the
task. Therefore, the maintainer of the task package makes a choice for
the user selecting the package.


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