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Re: Debian membership (with a twist)

Steve Willer writes:

> Yes, this is exactly the problem, and it's a big reason why I
> installed FreeBSD over Debian last night. I had hoped that the new
> school year would bring some energy to this project, but it's still
> the same old bickering, the same lack of forward movement, and
> new-maintainers still hasn't bothered to respond to my application
> (sent about 6 months ago).
> FreeBSD looks pretty good so far. Too bad it messes up /usr/local,
> but I can probably get used to that and put my own binaries
> somewhere else.

<AOL>Me Too!</AOL>

I think this point really needs to be stated. Over and over if
necessary perhaps. Count me in as another disillusioned applicant.

On a good note, my spare ancient IDE disk seems to be back up, so I
think i'll try FreeBSD this week. Oh well.

If I may suggest a few tactics --

a) create debian-discuss and keep -devel strictly technical (for
   example, this message would not be allowed.)
b) give the Project Leader the ability to stop stupid things like the
   /usr/doc -> /usr/share/doc debate, and just pick an option.
c) Accept all new-maintainer applications, now. Accept future
   applications immediately. Allow bad developers to be voted out of
   the project. We've revived the QA group, let's use it.
d) Do, and encourage, more NMUs. People who bitch about a package
   being "theirs" whilst not fixing bugs should be shot on sight.
e) Fix existing bugs *before* undergoing projects like HPML, Debconf,
   FHS compliance, etc.

All I can really say here is that if I *were* a developer, everyone
out there would have the right to tell me to shut up, stop wasting
time, and get back to hacking. But I'm not.

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