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Re: dpkg --build and empty directories

> I suppose, as usual, I am late to this party, and have only just
> discovered that dpkg doesn't include empty directories in debian/tmp in
> the contents of the .deb file. Am I expected to manage these directories
> in the postinst and prerm scripts, or should I just touch a .keepme file
> into those directories before building the package?

ROTFL..  you are viewing the .deb contents with mc right??

funny to see someone else get bitten by exactly this just now, since
we closed an old bug I reported about this just this week.

It's a 'feature' of mc to hide the empty dirs in a .deb when you are
browsing it.  Hit f3 instead of <enter> to view the archive structure
and all your missing dirs will be shown ;-)

for prior art see the BTS entries for mc.


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