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Re: dueling banjos and ultimate deliverance (was:Re: ITP: portsentry)

On Sat, Oct 16, 1999 at 02:32:27PM +0930, Ron wrote:
> Silly me who thought ITP's were meant to *prevent* us from having
> 7' developers lopping each others heads off in the dark ...
Didn't want to cause any trouble...just thought ITP means "intend to package",
and i already packaged it quite a while ago. I although have(had?) a sponsor.
Sean Perry voluntered to do so, but not until the copyright issues are fixed.
I also contacted the wnpp, and told them that I intend to package portsentry,
but never got a reply. So I just continued work on the package and contacted
other people who did ITPs in order to prevent duplicating work.
I never intended to push someone aside or even let it look like Wall Street
        Guido Guenther


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