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in.telnetd and virtual hosting


  I'm trying to virtualize in.telnetd to access a chrooted virtual server
(using tcp_wrappers' twist option and Wietse's chrootuid utility).
Everything works just fine until the in.telnetd from chrooted location is
execed. It tries to allocate a pty (via openpty() call), but receives an
ENOENT error meaning that there are no more free pty pairs available, which
is not true, of course. If I use the 'spawn' option in hotst.allow I'm
presented with a login of the normal, non-virtual, server instead of the
new, chrooted, one. Does anyone know what might be the cause of such
behavior and perhaps knows a way to virtualize telnetd?


p.s. the virtual server is on another IP, on the aliased interface.

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