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Re: Debian recommended software

On Sat, 2 October 1999 15:13:12 +0200, Martin Bialasinski wrote:
> exim has its own filter facility, that is easier to understand and use 
> by new users.

And what is needed by procmail is the following:


|  driver = pipe
|  command="/usr/bin/procmail"
|  umask=0022

(This can be enhanced with a "required_files = ~/:~/.procmailrc" or
 any such things (needing the procmail binary itself, the other
 transport (the old local_delivery) can still be in there)

And the localuser director should be enhanced (take two of
them, one running for procmail, the other after that running
for normal delivery).

-- Mark, do you think it is possible to add "procmail support"
to exim? Should not be much of a problem.

> Edward> list server: smartlist
> Edward> Needs modifications to exim.conf found on the www.exim.org homepage to
> Edward> function well.
> I use smartlist myself, but I heard others (like mailman) are
> better. The Exim list uses mailman IIRC.

Yep. There is a nice mail from Nigel on setting up mailman,
should be available in the exim-users lists archive.


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