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Re: Debian membership (with a twist)

> Did you explain this to new-maintainer ? Do you still have your old PGP
> key ?

I did explain that. Since nobody answered, I have no idea if it's been
received (except for my mail not bouncing, that is). I don't have my old
PGP key. In fact, if you look at the keyservers, you'll see that I've
not been good at that (can you say inexperience on the subject?). I now
have a GNU PG key and a physical copy of it, so I shouldn't have to
change keys again I hope...

> With the way new maintainer is handled currently, you will have to wait
> many monthes before getting approved. :-(

So what can I do? Until a few months ago, I could see an
arrouye@debian.org and had hopes to at least be able to upload to
master. But it's gone.

Can one of the maintainers approvers reply privately to this email and
tell me how I can speedup the process (it took a few days in 1996 :-))?
I will call him/her, that's no problem. Thanks!

Debian has some big advantages over any other distribution I know of
that make me want to contribute to Debian rather than another one. But
months for getting a membership, isn't that risking that new volunteers
will turn to Mandrake or Stampede for example, and work to put the nice
things that Debian has (best package management, all the tools to manage
alternatives / rc / cron / MIME / etc.) in them? I would even think that
to some extent, one can say that any Debian member should be able to
approve another candidate. After all, if you passed the test, you should
have a good understanding of what it means to be a Debian member. If so,
you should be able to approve another one. If not, then whoever approved
you shouldn't have. No? [This is why debian-policy is CC:ed now.] If any
member can approve a new member, then processing new maintainers should
be really fast, and Debian won't loose great people that want to
volunteer. You can even track who approved whom and prevent people w/
bad judgment to approve other ones, etc... I am sure there are ways to
move the approval time from months to days.

> BTW, do you really think that psptools is still of any use with today's
> tools ?

It provides the only way I know to simply take advantage of printer's
capacities like stapling, binding etc. PPD files are really good for
that. I would definitely consider writing a printing panel for KDE or
Gnome that handle PPD files just for this.


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