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3d fans, moonlight needs a maintainer (and panorama, too) Adding dependancies on a new package to an existing package Alistair Cunningham (ac212) MIA All elisp package should be redirect Compilation Log to a file. all xterms ALSA libraries change names (again) ALSA package anacron/apm issue - where to report this [ANNOUNCE] experiemental dpkg available [ANNOUNCE]: released troll-ftpd 1.25 Announcing the first release of potato boot-floppies Apology for gmt-coast-full - please kill this thread App crashes XServer APT capabilities? apt-move Re: arch-specific binary-only rebuild Are you representing Debian? ARGH!!! Re: ITP: jnethack Re: ARM machine available ash/echo/POSIX/SUS Attention: imapd gpoing back to $HOME as mailbox root ATTN: stalin users (slightly OT) australian users/developers, please help! autodectection of modules at boot time Background images.. propaganda package? bash package removing /bin/sh on upgrade Binary packages with outdated sources BIND again in main! bitmap and pixmap location [bi]weekly policy summary Re: boot-floppies status from an insider (was Re: Deficiencies in Debian) bootpd/tftpd bug Re: BTS: How are the bug reports organized? Bug#20734: marked as done ( Bug#20743: marked as done ( wtmp, utmp and btmp) Bug#21170: marked as done (dpkg malfunction-unable to upgrade Debian) Bug#22016: marked as done (general: backspace key generates ^H in X) Bug#22184: marked as done (hi. I'd like to point out a possible bug.) Bug#23340: marked as done (Quite a bad error from libstdc++2.8) Bug#23632: marked as done (xserver and ispell missing in the hamm/sparc distribution) Bug#24003: marked as done (*-dev dependencies) Bug#24528: marked as done (Serious filesystem error) Bug#25127: marked as done ( bug) Bug#25267: marked as done (problem doing libc5-libc6 upgrade with apt: ioctl problem) Bug#25761: marked as done ( No standard naming convention for mirrors..) Bug#25846: marked as done (general: /etc/.pwd.lock not unlinked) Bug#26937: marked as done (Packages are replaced witout use!) Bug#27315: marked as done (base: fsck error after execute ldconfig) Bug#28137: marked as done (base: poweroff does not unmount root partition cleanly) Bug#28232: marked as done (A bunch of X packages just vanished!) Re: Bug#2828: [PATCH] check dev/inode before removing old files on upgrade Re: Bug#2828: PATCH] check dev/inode before removing old files on upgrade Bug#29387: marked as done (general: slink Packages file doesn't match site contents) Bug#29429: marked as done ( packages list and actualy packages appear to differ) Bug#34258: marked as done (Installing Debian 2.0: Floppy Unable to Copy Files) Bug#34311: marked as done (APOLOGY) Re: Bug#35156: The TIFF specification. Bug#36389: marked as done (whiptail not in new 2.1) Bug#38908: marked as done (Apparently random system freeze) Bug#40620: marked as done (libc5 programs) Bug#41720: marked as done (New dist) Bug#42702: marked as done (Web and dependancies) Bug#46388: NO 2.1r3 M68K CDs: trn depends Bug#46388: reassigning: new version in proposed-updates Re: Bug#46513: mutt: cannot open dhelp file '/usr/doc/mutt/html/.dhelp': at /usr/sbin/install-docs line 559. Bug#46585: python-gtk: python-gtk does not start Bug#47256: general: xpdf-i is loading the wrong mime address Re: Bug#47364: path oddness Re: Bug#47366: &quot; and &nbsp; aren't converted, probably should be Bug#47450: marked as done (project: dpkg-dev_1.4.1.13_all.deb trying to overwrite `/usr/bin/dpkg-scansources') Bug#47450: project: dpkg-dev_1.4.1.13_all.deb trying to overwrite `/usr/bin/dpkg-scansources' Bug#47541: general: apt-get install failing ipmasq rules, cannot select Y or N, cycles Bug#47542: general: apt-get cannot load ipmasq, cycles on Y or N repeats Bug#47610: changes Bug#47610: general: Netscape updates without correcting /etc/alternatives/netscape Bug#47611: general: qt1g fails to upgrade Bug#47612: general: gv uses wrong mime update technique Bug#47615: general: dpkg-preconfig broken during update Re: Bug#47780: pinfo: Searches for a group named "nobody", should be "nogroup". Bug#48861: debconf and acct brokenness Bug tracking conspiracy? BUG: wu-ftp 2.6.0 !? (was: Mirror bug) call for help with failed sparc package builds Calling emacs20 patch submitters. calling Jon Rabone / ITA: acs Cancel ITP: techexplorer-wrapper can foiltex be Debianized ? can one divert conffiles ? Captech is looking for a Technical Writer cat like feature in sash (Re: Poor failure recovery) cdb usage Chess program Crafty closes feature communicator-smotif-47 libc version Re: compiled examples and more Re: compressed HTML/dhelp Corel changes BTA? Re: Corel/Debian Linux Installer Re: corel linux demo Could whoever is doing sparc recompilations remember to use the -M switch? couple of nits/warnings CPS rate patch for apt creation of a debian-ocaml mailing list ? Ctrl+Alt+Del inittab and shutdown daemon configuration Daemons and stoppages during upgrades. Daemons: to start, or not to start? It's easy to let root choose Damage Control Re: [ Re: unofficial REQUEST for support DEBIAN GNU/Linux] [ Re: unofficial REQUEST for support DEBIAN GNU/Linux] Data does NOT belong in Debian (was: Stop Archive bloat) Re: Debian and Li18nux ? Debian archive requirements Debian at Systems'99 in Munich, Germany (?) Debian base tarballs debian-boot subscription fails ( was : Network Installs) Debian Buisness Cards [Debian Installer <>] Reminder: imagemagick_4.2.9-1_i386.changes was rejected Debian Maintainers near San Jose/Cupertino, Cal., US? Debian membership (with a twist) Debian on CDROM Debian recommended software Re: Debian recommended software (moving off-topic) debian-security: another new mailing list Debian's GDB still can't handle threads! Re: Debian's GDB still can't handle threads! (or Ada!) Debian's leader's proposal Debian Weekly News - October 12th, 1999 Debian Weekly News - October 20th, 1999 Debian Weekly News - October 26th, 1999 default add-on kernel module. Default language for system dhcpcd procedure Divert mechanism vs. /bin/sh issue doc-base and /usr/doc -> /usr/share/doc transition doc-base usage DO NOT UPGRADE TO POTATO. MENU UPLOAD ON OCT 2 KILLS SYSTEMS doom source GPL'd dpkg and its development dpkg --build and empty directories dpkg-deb with translated field names dpkg & i18n dpkg -l format dpkg --purge leaves empty directory. dpkg-source patch (Re: #39299 (bz2 format for source packages)) dselect improvements The last update was on 19:51 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 2321 messages. Page 1 of 5.

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