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Re: corel linux demo

Actually I hadn't thought of the fact that you could
link a windows program agains winelib to create a
native linux executable, but it makes perfect sense. 
Corel might still need a few ifdef's to work around
known problems in wine's implementation of the win32
api, but it would be quite do-able.

--- Anderson MacKay <glenstorm@mindspring.com> wrote:
> Ech, I'm a bit behind on my -devel reading.  I hope
> this question hasn't
> been answered down in another thread. :)
> On Thu, Sep 30, 1999 at 06:49:15AM -0700, Kenneth
> Scharf wrote:
> > I understood wine as being a library that
> intercepted
> > win32 calls and redirected those calls into the
> > correct X or linux libraries for handling.  Corel
> > intends (as I understand it) to ship the actual
> > windows binaries (.exes) and maybe even .dll's
> with
> > whatever wrappers are required to run them under
> Wine.
> Wine is two things: it's a library for linking
> Win32-source programs
> under most *nixes, and it's a call interceptor for
> ABI compatibility
> under x86-based *nixes.  The plan (as outlined by
> Corel on the Wine
> mailing list so long ago :) was to use Winelib to
> ease porting the Win32
> sources of Draw, WordPerfect, Quattro, and Paradox
> (maybe others...).
> The guy in charge of it all on the Corel end is
> Gavriel State, who is the
> same fellow who headed up the port of CorelDraw! to
> the Mac ... they
> apparently did something similar to Wine and wrote a
> source-translation
> library for that port as well.  Anyway, I'm pretty
> sure the shipped
> applications will be native Linux applications,
> although they'll be
> dynamically linked to Winelib ... very little
> difference from how gtk+
> applications link to libgtk, etc.
> >  There will probably even be a Wine based program
> > launcher that will trigger of an icon for the
> > installed program on the desktop or 'K bar'. 
> Wine's
> > ultimate result is to make the win32 API become a
> > linux api as well.  It would stand beside gtk++
> and QT
> > in that regard.  Also means that the "setup.exe"
> Exactly ... but I think you're confusing the issue a
> bit by bringing
> native Windows .exe files into the equation.  Were I
> Corel (and I'm not,
> obviously :), I would ship native Linux binaries ...
> the issues involved
> are so much less complicated in that case.  It's
> pretty difficult to do
> QA in a binary-emulation environment, if you ask me.
>  Consider that few
> effective debugging tools are going to work at all,
> as an example.  Wine
> includes a debugger, yes, but the purpose of that
> debugger is to debug
> Wine ... and it doesn't do convenient things like
> talk to Emacs, talk to
> ddd, etc.  Source-compatibility will be much less of
> a hassle.
> Just as a status report -- I don't know the current
> status, but I do know
> that back in mid-spring of this year, Corel (well,
> Gav State, actually)
> claimed to have Quattro Pro running with very few
> glitches when compiled
> against Winelib.  I'm sure they've come a long way
> since then, so expect
> to see good things.
> -- 
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