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Re: How not to be a nice person (Was: Re: Packages should not Conflict on the basis of duplicate functionality)

On Fri, Oct 01, 1999 at 11:53:19PM -0500, The Doctor What wrote:
> The idea was not to say that "since I work for *a company* I'm an
> authority".  My point was that I work in the "real world" and have a
> counter example. 

And of course, everyone else on the list doesn't work in the "real world",
and just plays in their own little pointless sandpit. Feh.

That *is* offensive.

(And if we all do live in the "real world" then there's nothing special
about the fact that you do too, so you wouldn't bother pointing it out,
right? So since it was necessary to point it out, the rest of us must
be cloistered academics, or insulated children or something, yes?)

``I work for TurboLinux, and this is the way we do it...'' is all very

``I work for TurboLinux. This is the way you should do it.'' is less so.

In any case, I fail to see how pressing `_' in dselect before any
unnecessary daemons are installed could possibly be less secure than
saying "No, I don't want services activated by default" and then
installing them anyway. This isn't about increasing security per se,
it's about either increasing choice (so you can install daemons even
if you don't want to run them for whatever reason), or about giving you
more knowledge about what's going on (so that when you install linuxconf
you find out that it comes with a remote configuration thingo).


Anthony Towns <aj@humbug.org.au> <http://azure.humbug.org.au/~aj/>
I don't speak for anyone save myself. PGP encrypted mail preferred.

 ``The thing is: trying to be too generic is EVIL. It's stupid, it 
        results in slower code, and it results in more bugs.''
                                        -- Linus Torvalds

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