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Re: FHS postinst for multi-binary package using debmake

On Sun, 24 Oct 1999, Peter S Galbraith wrote:

> I have a source package gri which splits into debs gri,
> gri-html-doc and gri-ps-doc.  The problem is that I'm creating
> /usr/share/doc/gri-html-doc and /usr/share/doc/gri-ps-doc for
> these extra packages instead of putting everything in
> /usr/share/doc/gri.  debstd is appending stuff with the wrong
> path to these packages' postinst and prerm, using the same stub
> for all 3 packages:

This is a bug in debstd, which has just been reported as Bug #48144.
I will try to fix it as soon as I can.

Until then, please use debstd from slink for multi-binary packages.


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