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Re: easy way to tell if "in" package build?

On Wed, Oct 20, 1999 at 12:16:49PM +0100, Jules Bean wrote:
> > 
> > There is no way to do so, and any derivation from the upstream behaviour in
> > libtool is evil. Please do not use such a patch in the Debian package (it
> > would only make me to use the upstream libtool).
> Marcus: You mean deviation, right?

Yes, thanks.
> Ossama: The right technical answer surely is to have some kind of
> /etc/libtool.conf, which we set up on debian systems to indicated no
> hard-coded paths?
> More generally, I could believe that there might be circumstances when
> we need to know if we're in a package build, and the right answer to
> that sort of problem is almost certainly an environment variable, to be
> set up by dpkg-buildpackage, say.

This is the wrong approach. Creating such dependencies on Debian specific
hacks in build tools and environment variables looks a lot like "magic".

A hack is not nicer if it is hidden deep in the system. I am not even sure
if the current Debian policy wrt rpaths is so ideal as most developers
seem never to question.

Anyway, any solution to this issue should be local to the place where this
solution is wanted. I prefer hacking libtool in my package directly, because
I know it will work on all systems and with all libtools.

Do not create dependencies on Debian patches in other people packages. It is
unprofessional and seperates us from the rest of the free software

(You can't compile the package properly on your system? Well, you need the
"Debian Libtool". Wow. Cool, ey.)


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