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Re: How not to be a nice person (Was: Re: Packages should not Conflict on the basis of duplicate functionality)

On Sun, 03 Oct 1999, Raul Miller wrote:

> Ok, try this on for size:
> How many network services do you get if you are doing if you decide to
> install cfs?
> How many if you decide to install crossfire-sounds?
> [Aside: obviously there's a difference between not accepting a connection
> and accepting a connection then dropping it.  Very occasionally this
> makes a difference from a security standpoint.]


Also, when I installed Debian on my home machine, I went through selecting
packages for two hours using dselect, and I didn't think much about each
one of them, or I would have been there selecting the whole night.
Eg, I noticed there was an YP client available, I thought "cool, I'll
install that and do some tests on how that works later". Afterwards
I happened to notice that my ISDN router connected and disconnected
all the time, and traced that back to the YP client that was up and
running when I thought I had only installed it, not run it..

Of course both points in this discussion are valid, all users _can_ go
through dselect for half a day, deselecting all network apps that they
don't need, but you can't seriously consider many people to do this.
Myself, I do it the easy way, ie install everything, boot up, remove
half of the rc* things and strip inetd.conf and so on, but I won't
expect new users to do so.
Most new users just install it, and don't even know about half of the
daemons they are running, so it really might be a good thing to
add one question about running all daemons or not.


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