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Re: How about some uniformity in doc names

Joel Klecker <jk@espy.org> wrote:
> At 23:47 +0200 1999-10-11, Piotr Roszatycki wrote:
>>Maybe should the policy told about libraries, too?
>>The common naming scheme is 'lib*', but there are 'xlib6g' and 'zlib1g'
>>which broke this convention.

> policy already knows about libraries, the two packages you cite are 
> examples of packages named wrongly, but it is currently not possible 
> to smoothly rename them due to the lack of versioned provides in dpkg.

I can't find anything in the policy that says shlib packages must start
with lib.  Personally I don't think it makes sense in all cases anyway.
For instance, lesstif makes a lot more sense than liblesstif since there
isn't any shlib with lesstif in its soname.

> As zlib maintainer, I have developed a plan to phase in 'libz1' over 
> time, I have figured out how to do it without versioned provides.

I'm doing it for V too since the upstream is now using a different soname
for each release :( But in general, I think we should leave it to the
developper rather than stipulate it in the policy.
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