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cat like feature in sash (Re: Poor failure recovery)


# This subject seems technical, so it belongs to -devel, not -project :)

In article <19991013124831.A30268@usatoday.com>
 moth@debian.org (Raul Miller) writes:

> sash doesn't support shell functions.
> Nor does it have a built-in cat.

But it has -dd built-in, isn't it ?

 sash -c ' -dd if=(any files you want) of=/dev/stdout '

can do a similar function like cat, I think. Well, this one
output extra two lines at the end. if these "xxxx record in,
xxxx record out" messages were sent to stderr, instead of stdout,
then adding "2>/dev/null" could do the same as the cat does
 (in simplest way, of course. various features in cat itself
  are not achieved, but it is beyond the scope of emergency tool)

> But I doubt that cat is even useful if you don't have
> a working /bin/sh.

I don't know the answer of this question.

# I will use sash -more built-in to display the contents of the files,,,


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