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Debian Weekly News - October 12th, 1999

Debian Weekly News 
Debian Weekly News - October 12th, 1999
Welcome to Debian Weekly News, a newsletter for the Debian developer

It's official: Debian is not currently accepting new members. Wichert
Akkerman [8]posted explaining the situation: "As you may have heard or
even experienced yourself, Debian's new-maintainer team is currently
not processing requests. The team wanted to resolve some problems they
observed with the way Debian maintainership is current[ly] handled,
and decided to close new-maintainer until these have been fixed." He
also explained what is being done to rectify the situation: "We are
currently working on a new structure for handling new-maintainer
requests, and hope to have this finished as soon as possible. There
will be a proposal on this posted on the debian-devel list in the near
future. Once the new structure is in place new-maintainer will be
reopened, and we will make an announcement."

Freeze watch: Debian is still scheduled to freeze on November first,
just a few weeks away. Some work towards the release this week
  * Boot-floppies for potato were just uploaded. Though this is an
    "early access Alpha version", it's [9]very good news since it
    marks the first time potato has had boot floppies of any kind. It
    now takes one floppy more to install: the rescue disk has split
    into boot and root disks. Apt will be the only install method on
    the new floppies, and [10]work has begun on an apt configurator to
    walk new users through setting up apt.
  * Anthony Towns did some investigation to find how many packages
    currently in Debian are not installable because of unmet
    dependancies. His [11]report lists reasonably low numbers, around
    80 per architecture. The two ports we are not going to release
    with potato have significantly more problems.
Debian in a box should start appearing in stores soon. The boxed set
includes the new O'Reilly Debian book. Read all about it on
[12]News.com, and in the [13]New York Times. The whole O'Reilly book
is also available [14]online.

In an effort to reduce non-technical discussions on debian-devel, a
debian-project mailing list has been [15]created. It is an open list
for organizational and if necessary, political discussions.

Debian booths are popping up at shows all over. Jules Bean posted a
[16]report of Debian's presence as Linux Expo in London. And here's a
[17]report of Debian's presense at the Pluto Meeting in Italy. Of
course, Atlanta Linux Showcase is fast approaching, and lots of Debian
people will be at our booth there.

As usual, [18]here is the Debian JP news for this week.

New packages in Debian this week include the following and [19]41
  * [20]obliq: An interactive interpreter for the Obliq language.
  * [21]pcmcia-modules-2.2.12 : PCMCIA Modules for Linux (kernel
  * [22]powstatd: Configurable UPS monitoring daemon
  * [23]space-orbit: A 3D space combat simulator
Thanks to Randolph Chung and Katsura S. Yoshio for [24]contributing.
Randolph Chung will be filling in as guest editor next week while Joey
Hess is at Atlanta Linux Showcase.

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