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Re: doom source GPL'd

On Sun, Oct 03, 1999 at 01:48:35PM -0700, Joey Hess wrote:
> > Yeah, we'll package the evil music server in the meantime.  =>
> I did a *lot* of hacking on the music server, making doom communicate with
> it via a pipe and other things and got it working really well.
> It is evil though, it has to re-parse all the wads..
> I seem to have ditched that when I stopped using dosdoom and went to lxdoom
> though. I forget what the story was there.

Well, Andrew Apted and I were talking about putting native sound code in
lindosdoom (which exists, works, and isn't going to be released until
they're ready to release their next version which means even I haven't
seen it yet---closed projects suck!) just because ... well, the servers
are evil as I said.  =>

We have good ideas on how to do it and the GPLing of the doom source makes
them all the more likely to happen.  My hope eventually is that the doom
ports can kinda consolidate a bit.  Things like code theft in the inital
open projects is making people wary of opening them again.  =<  The GPL on
the doom source will hopefully help prevent that happening again  but
we'll see...

You know, I think I need to fix postfix's rewrite of my address, it
doesn't seem to work quite right on this end I think.  Does this message
look right to you?  If it is, it must be my mutt config isn't quite
expecting the right things.

Joseph Carter <knghtbrd@debian.org>             Debian GNU/Linux developer
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But modifying dpkg is infeasible, and we've agreed to, among other things,
keep the needs of our users at the forefront of our minds. And from a
user's perspective, something that keeps the system tidy in the normal
case, and works *now*, is much better than idealistic fantasies like a
working dpkg.
        -- Manoj Srivastava

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