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Re: How not to be a nice person (Was: Re: Packages should not Conflict on the basis of duplicate functionality)

* Craig Sanders said:
> On Fri, Oct 01, 1999 at 09:06:39PM -0500, The Doctor What wrote:
> > I took care in my message above to remove anything offensive towards
> > Craig.  Unfortunately Craig didn't do the same.
> garbage.  you went out of your way to be offensive.  to quote the opening
> line of your message:
> 	"Excuse me.  I work for TurboLinux."
> the implication here is that you know what you are talking about because
> you work for a "real" (i.e. commercial) linux distribution. 
No, you get it plain wrong. I guess it's just a way of thinking, but how I
understand what The Doctor What said about TurboLinux is that he just states
that he knows the chores of a Unix administrator. Point. Don't attribute to
anyone what he didn't say.

> that way here, it's not who you work for that's important, it's what
> you've done.
Exactly what he said. He's DONE work for TurboLinux. He did it well. He has
every right to be proud of it and to draw it in discussion like this.

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