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Re: Debian recommended software

Alexander Koch <efraim@really.argh.org> wrote:
> Transport-wise:
> |local_delivery:
> |  driver = pipe
> |  command="/usr/bin/procmail"
> |  umask=0022
> (This can be enhanced with a "required_files = ~/:~/.procmailrc" or
>  any such things (needing the procmail binary itself, the other
>  transport (the old local_delivery) can still be in there)

Does this check whether the procmail executable exists on every mail delivery?
is that going to slow the whole thing down a bit. Otherwise I think this is a
good idea.

Another possiblity would be to stick the check in the exim config script,

Would you like to use procmail are your MTA [n/Y]?

You could check if it the procmail executable is installed, but exim might be
configured before procmail is installed.

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