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I can't compile xtide on potato.

I am not a developer, but I think this is a problem that is more along
the lines of this list.  Please forgive me if this is not the case.

I have recently rebuilt my long-time debian box, after a hard drive
crash, starting from an old hamm cd.  I upgraded in increments using
apt-get, first to slink, then to potato, and I have kept potato up to
date with the ftp site over the month and a half I have had this new
machine up.

I cannot compile xtide anymore.  I have never had any trouble
compiling xtide.  The debian package doesn't work, giving me no
writing on the windows---unless white-on-white.  The compiled source,
up to date with the upstream source, gives another problem.  First,
the source wouldn't compile.  The XTide author has kindly helped me
get over that problem, so now it does compile; however, every time I
run xtide I get the same message, even after several patches
Mr. Flater has kindly supplied, in his effort to fix this problem, and
after sending him core dump information, etc.:  

;; $ ./tide -l Saipan
;; tide: Amplitude.cc:31: void Amplitude::val(double): Assertion `newval >= 0.0' failed.
;; Aborted
;; $

Has anyone on this list encountered this problem, or does it ring a
bell?  I am considering backing off to Slink.  I even get this problem
when compiling debianized source.

One issue that came up is the format of accept().  

I can provide copies of patches to anyone interested; it hasn't
worked.  I am sure Mr. Flater would like to see an end to this
frustration as well.

Thank you,

Alan Davis


"An inviscid theory of flow renders the screw useless, but the need
for one non-existent."            ---Lord Raleigh

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