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Re: dselect improvements

On Fri, Oct 08, 1999 at 02:54:41PM +0200, Milan Zamazal wrote:
> I'm one of those strangers, who think dselect is not so bad (or even it
> is basically good) and that it only needs some small additions to be
> much more useful.  No, I haven't studied dselect sources yet, so I don't
> know how difficult it is to make some changes to its selection
> interface.
> Before I invest my resources into this, I'd like to know, whether anyone
> is doing anything about this, so that I didn't do duplicate work?  This
> is currently my only question, I'm NOT asking what dselect should be
> able to do etc., and I'm only partially interested in notices about
> needles of such work.

One think that is trully needed are more accurate documentation on how it
works. I remember back then when i tried to use deselect on my 68030 based
amiga, that it was rather annoying to use it, because you didn't really know
what you have to do to use it. But then it was really very slow on my setup,
and i gave it off quickly, to resoret to plain old dpkg.

Sorry for giving unwanted advice ... :)))



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