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Debian recommended software

Edward Betts writes:
 > It is the same for other things like list server. I used berolist to start
 > with, and it is terrible. Then I tried smartlist, and it was great. The
 > problem is there are so many to look at.

don't know the two, mailman is another (for the user easy to use) alternative.

 > software we all recommend, because we are all individuals and would
 > disagree, but here is my list:

 > MUA: mutt
 > This is not the default, the only two mail clients with standard priority are
 > mailx and elm++, do we recommend people run them?

mailx is the smallest MUA, so it does not hurd if it's standard
together with another MUA.

 > MDA: procmail
 > This is standard priority, but exim is not configured to use it, people have
 > to mess with .forward files.

procmail is used by many users, because they can install it on their
own and do not have to rely on a specific MTA and the documentation is 
far better for procmail than for exim's MDA features.

 > web server: apache

apache is somewhat standard; an alternative to recommend could be roxen:
- well documented administration interface
- integrated optional ftp server module
- integrated optional proxy server module (no need for squid anymore)

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