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debian-security: another new mailing list

This is to announce the establishment of a new debian mailing list:


for the discussion of all aspects of security
significant to the Debian system, including cryptography.

Why have a list dedicated to security?

The primary reason is to facilitate future reference and research.
When, in the future, questions arise about security issues,
e.g., what was the rationale for establishing
the security policies that will be developed,
it will be far easier to research those issues
if the discussion is brought together in one place,
rather than being intermixed with all the usability and developmental
issues that necessarily dominate debian-user and debian-devel.
Why have to wade through the masses of, say, release-oriented posts on
debian-devel if one is only interested in a security-related matter?

Conversely, by removing some of the traffic from debian-user and debian-devel,
it should make those lists a little more compact.

As to the invited inclusion of both users and developers on this list,
it is hoped that that may make the list a better learning vehicle and
communication channel for all parties.

Your cooperation in subscribing to and using the list for its stated purpose
will enable those goals to be achieved.

To subscribe, please visit the Debian mailing list subscription page
<http://www.debian.org/MailingLists/subscribe> or send mail to
<debian-security-request@lists.debian.org> with the single word
'subscribe' in the message body.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Keith Harbaugh

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