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Re: dselect improvements

> 1. Only check recommends/suggests when the status of a package changes
> (i.e. unselected->selected). The continual prompting/overriding is
> horribly annoying.

This was so annoying that I downloaded the source and removed
the automated selection of recommend packages at startup.

> 2. Search should look at the short descriptions in addition to the names.

And another hot-key to include the long description as well !?

> 3. Search should look at section names (i.e. /net (or possibly some
> other key, seperate from the package name/description search) should
> look for the next instance of the "net" section).
> 4. I've been using dselect for >4 years, and I *still* don't understand
> the interaction between 'O' and 'o' when sorting. I just fumble around
> until I get something close to what I want. This may be a documentation
> issue rather than a code issue.
> 5. It ough to leave the foreground/background alone, rather than forcing
> light on dark (xterm).
> Steve

1 and 2 should be a priority!
3, 4 and 5 are on my wish list.


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