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Re: compressed HTML/dhelp

Joel Klecker wrote:

> close 41352

Why is it so difficult to fix bugs instead of closing bug
reports without fixing the bugs?

> thanks


> >Please fix bugs! How should the user read compressed HTML
> >files? Could you tell me one internet page sending
> >compressed html documents to the user?
> Show me where the bug is;

Without any problems: install a non unix/linux operating
system and use netscape or another browser. How can you
read these documents? -> This is a bug.

> show me where policy says I can't compress HTML.

This is not a topic of the policy. With the same arguments
you could compress compiled programs.

> lynx has no problem with it and I had no trouble getting
> netscape to display it over HTTP.

Some netscape installation (even under Linux) have got problems
with these files. And of course there´re other browsers.

> plain text files too, are you gonna say that those should be
> uncompressed too in case someone wants to browse
> <http://localhost/doc/>?

No I don´t say that. But compressed HTML files are as broken
as gzip compressed jpeg/gif files produced by programs like
debmaker and debhelper.

> >And why don´t you want dhelp support? A lot of users like
> >these systems. Why is it so difficult to add such an
> >entry? If you need help tell me.
> a) I haven't had anyone besides you ask for it 

Then I would suggest reading magazines like the famous German
c´t. They have recognized Debian´s documentation chaos.

> b) I don't like dhelp

Why? I don´t like broken packages like your.

> c) it's one tiny little document

And it´s one tiny little configuration file for dhelp or
doc-base or dwww. Where´s the problem to add such a small file?
HTML is Debian´s documentation format, so please make it
readable. Thank you.

cu, Marco

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