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Re: dpkg -l format

On Tue, Oct 05, 1999 at 10:58:06AM +0300, Antti-Juhani Kaijanaho wrote:
> Or simpler:
> grep-status -P netscape | grep-dctrl -FStatus -sPackage -n \
>  'install ok installed' | xargs dpkg --purge

Or simpler, and closer to the original intent: 

	dpkg --get-selections | grep 'netscape' | xargs dpkg --purge

Or, if you don't want the noise associated with purging bogus packages
named "install", "deinstall" ...:

	dpkg --get-selections | awk '/netscape/{print $1}' | xargs dpkg --purge

Note that this last is equivalent to:

	grep-status -P netscape | awk '/^Package: /{print $2}' | xargs dpkg --purge

but it doesn't require any non-standard packages.


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