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Re: HOWTO: making a package which compiles fine on slink and potato

Stephane Bortzmeyer wrote:
> A modest HOWTO, which seems to work for me. Comments wlecome 
>      _________________________________________________________________
> Numbering your versions
>    When you build the two packages yourself, pay attention to the version
>    numbering: you typically want the "slink" version to have a lower
>    number, so that future upgrades will do the right thing and install
>    the "potato" version. To do so, I use a numbering scheme which is the
>    one used in [3]NMUs: if my "potato" package is 1.2-5, I call the
>    "slink" package 1.2-4.999. That way, it has an inferior number, and
>    the packages can follow their normal life, being upgraded, without
>    fearing a collision.

I typically use a number number like 1.2-0slink1 for the slink
version of 1.2-1, which leads to packages named like:


Making really obvious that it's built for slink.

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