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Re: dselect improvements

On Mon, Oct 18, 1999 at 07:09:55PM -0500, Steve Greenland wrote:

> Ok, next day, start dselect, U)pdate, S)elect, browse a bit, <return>
> and I'M BACK IN THE DAMNED RPL, because once again dselect *really*
> wants me to install Y, because it is recommended by X, even though
> I've already had several opportunities to select it and have rejected
> that choice EACH AND EVERY TIME.

this is why Recommends: is evil.

the solution is for Recommends to be treated as a synonym for Suggests.

eventually, Recommends can be either gradually phased out of existence
or left in there as a hint to the user that a Recommended package is
more useful than a Suggested package.

> So, my point was that dselect should only check recommends and
> suggests when the status of the package doing the r/s actually changes
> -- I hit "+" or "-". 

dselect does this already for Suggests. it is only Recommends that has
the pathological symptoms you describe.

> I'd tolerate during upgrades of the packages. But this every time
> thing has got to stop.



craig sanders

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