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Re: doom source GPL'd

Joseph Carter wrote:
> I'm hoping to convince the lxdoom and dosdoom people to throw it and the
> sound server away.  They suck and are evil.  Would be better to write
> sound support directly these days (and is now actually reasonable to do.
> I even have soundfonts that make Timidity Not Suck---I'm going to
> investigate packaging them later if I can contact their creators for info
> regarding licenses..
> Yeah, we'll package the evil music server in the meantime.  =>

I did a *lot* of hacking on the music server, making doom communicate with
it via a pipe and other things and got it working really well.

It is evil though, it has to re-parse all the wads..

I seem to have ditched that when I stopped using dosdoom and went to lxdoom
though. I forget what the story was there.

see shy jo

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