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Re: dselect improvements

On 17-Oct-99, 13:24 (CDT), Milan Zamazal <mz@pdm.pvt.net> wrote: 
>     SG> 1. Only check recommends/suggests when the status of a package
>     SG> changes (i.e. unselected->selected). The continual
>     SG> prompting/overriding is horribly annoying.
> I don't understand this.  When is the check performed except of status
> change requests and quitting the selection?

Suppose I select previously unselected package X, which recommends Y
and suggests Z. I get taken to the "recursive package listing" (RPL),
which I think of as the "conflict resolution screen". So in the RPL, I
find Y selected. I don't want Y, possibly because the maintainer of X
has overstated the importance of Y, possibly because I have specialized
needs, possibly just to be contrary. So I hit 'R' to revert to my
original selection (X yes, Y and Z no), and then 'Q' to get back to the
normal dselect browser. All well and good and reasonable.

So I browse a little more and maybe select a few other packages, maybe
not. I press <return> to exit the browser and go back to the menu to
install my lovely new packages. Whoops! Dselect has noticed that X
recommends Y, and takes me back to the RPL. Once again 'R' and 'Q' do
the trick, and I can go on.

Ok, next day, start dselect, U)pdate, S)elect, browse a bit, <return>
and I'M BACK IN THE DAMNED RPL, because once again dselect *really*
wants me to install Y, because it is recommended by X, even though I've
already had several opportunities to select it and have rejected that

And so it goes, until I finally get tired of having to futz with it,
and I either install Y, even though I have no use for it, or add it to

So, my point was that dselect should only check recommends and suggests
when the status of the package doing the r/s actually changes -- I hit
"+" or "-". I'd tolerate during upgrades of the packages. But this every
time thing has got to stop.


Steve Greenland <vmole@swbell.net>
(Please do not CC me on mail sent to this list; I subscribe to and read
every list I post to.)

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