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Re: couple of nits/warnings

On Tue, 5 Oct 1999, Dale Scheetz wrote:

> The second nit has to do with the way that dpkg assigns permissions to the
> package files it creates. I'm not certain why, but I sort of expected the
> files to be 664, not the 644 that it produces. If group projects are to be
> managable, shouldn't members of the group have write permission on these
> files? Is this an "artifact" of the way we do users and groups (giving
> the user his own personal group with the same ID)?

I just figured out what this is all about. It turns out that the directory
I was buiding them in had no group write premission, hense dpkg rightfully
left it off. Once I changed the directory to have write permission for
groups everything is as expected.

Waiting is,

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