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Re: dpkg and its development

On Fri, Oct 08, 1999 at 10:09:34PM +0200, Piotr Roszatycki wrote:
> I'm afraid development of dpkg is stalled for some time. 
> Why? dpkg is still missing some important features.

Wichert is starting to work on dpkg now, has been for a few solid weeks.
I'm sure it's going to be mostly bug fixes until he can clear out some of
the major problems.

> dpkg hasn't any verify tool. This tool is very helpful after system
> crash or administrator's error like removing or modifing system file.
> rpm has its own -V option.

debsums uses dpkg's md5sum's (installed by the package, or debsums can
easily create them on install).

> dpkg has a problem with broken packages. i.e.:
> I tried to install some package. It couldn't be installed because of
> existing some file with another package. After all I had new
> files from this package but couldn't uninstall these files.

dpkg --force-overwrite -i foo.deb


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