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dueling banjos and ultimate deliverance (was:Re: ITP: portsentry)

> There've been a couple of ITPs for portsentry within the last weeks and I
> can't resist to add one more. The package can be found at:

Oh Great.  Branden is gonna just LOVE this.. ;-)

..or did I miss the vote where ITP's stopped being a way to communicate
with others and AVOID duplicated work, and instead we've adopted the
Wall Street model of hostile bids and takeovers?!?

Please people, I love diversity as much as the next guy but as far as the
BTS and project archives are concerned this really is a case of, "in the
end, there can be only one."

Silly me who thought ITP's were meant to *prevent* us from having
7' developers lopping each others heads off in the dark ...


the name of the game is coherence..  part of that means keeping your
head on your shoulders however your mind may waonder the void.

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