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Re: Debian recommended software (moving off-topic)

* "Edward" == Edward Betts <edward@debian.org> wrote:

Edward> Martin Bialasinski <martin@internet-treff.uni-koeln.de> wrote:

Edward> MDA: procmail
Edward> This is standard priority, but exim is not configured to use it, people have
Edward> to mess with .forward files.
>> exim has its own filter facility, that is easier to understand and use 
>> by new users.

Edward> Can users alter the exim config? I suppose we are thinking off
Edward> single user machines where sysadmin == user.

I don't quite understand.

To use the exim filter functions, one uses a .forward like

# Exim filter <<== necessary for to recognise the format

if $header_x-mailing-list matches <debian-(.*)@lists\\.debian\\.org>
  save $home/Mail/debian/$1 

if personal alias myother@address.de alias yet@another.com 
  unseen deliver myself@sms-gw.com
  save $home/Mail/personal

Exim could also be configured to use .procmail, if the user has a
.procmailrc, rpocmail is available and there is no .forward.

Edward> Sorry, that was not far of me at all was it. I think proftp
Edward> had some security bugs, that have been fixed, but there is a
Edward> thought based on the way it was designed that there are
Edward> probably more.

Whatever, I won't restart this thread again. I wouldn't touch wuftp
with a 10ft pole. I switched to proftpd, when there was a hole in many
ftpds (creating a very deep directory hierarchy), the fix for proftpd
was available after 1-2 days, but for wuftp, it took 2 weeks. Is there
an upstream maintainer for wuftpd?


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