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Re: hc-cron [Re: anacron/apm issue]

>> I seek advice on the following apparent problem in the latest potato:
>> Problem: if you suspend your laptop for more than 3 hours, cron
>> ignores any jobs scheduled during the interval. Therefore if, for
>> example, you suspend each night and start work around 10, your 0730
>> anacron invocation will never run. Nor will your 0342 dlocate db
>> update.
>> Fix: add an extra anacron invocation on wakeup, in /etc/apm/event.d.
>> Also move daily jobs from /etc/crontab & /etc/cron.d to
>> /etc/cron.daily where appropriate, so they will be run by anacron in
>> the above case.
>> Questions:
>> 1. is the above analysis correct ?
>> 2. if so, where should the bugreport(s) go - cron/anacron/apmd/dlocate ?

I am not certain why this problem occurs.  Until a very recent update I could
suspend my laptop overnight and run all my cron jobs in the morning, it all
worked well.
I don't understand what is going on with anacron and why it's necessary to
change things specially (I do not want to do a special wake-up script for
I reported this as a bug against one of these packages, I think it was cron.

>Just so you know, someone has written a cron replacement called "hc-cron" 
>that solves this problem:

This problem occurred because of a change in the cron package.  The solution
is not to use a different cron (although it may solve other problems).  The
solution is to keep the same functionality available in cron as has always
been there.

I'm in Utrecht.  I'd like to meet any Linux users in the area, or any other
part of the Netherlands.

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